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Phone (02) 9449 7121

I strive to provide a safe, nurturing environment and a variety of therapies to foster personal growth, healing and transformation.

I am based in Turramurra, a north shore suburb of Sydney. This quiet and leafy suburb provides a peaceful backdrop to the work here. It offers a calm haven amidst the city's hustle and bustle where I offer private counselling sessions for individuals and couples; clinical supervision; and sandtray therapy training courses for therapists.

Also practising on the premises is Registered Psychologist Deb Gould. She works with children and adults . Medicare rebates are available for these sessions through GP referral. Deb also offers clinical supervision. 

N.B. What we are doing in respect of the Coronavirus pandemic....

Please note that both Deb and I are seeing clients face-to-face, however we also offer online platforms like Zoom/Skype or WhatsApp/Facetime as alternatives.

 In an effort to provide and maintain a safe environment, we have 'safety' protocols in place. 

They are:
Asking that you do not attend face-to-face sessions if you are not well;
On arrival you will be asked to wash your hands thoroughly or use the provided hand sanitizer;
If using the sandtray you will be asked to wear a mask;
All common areas eg bathroom, door knobs & handles, will be cleaned or sprayed with appropriate disinfectant between clients; and
Practising safe proximity.

Because we work in an easliy contained space we feel confident to be able to safely see clients face-to-face, by putting these protocols in place.

Each of us - like a seed - has our potential safely protected inside, awaiting ideal conditions for growth. As surely as the acorn contains every detail needed to become a mighty oak, each of us has all the parts needed to grow into a powerful and harmonious human and spiritual being. Although we may long for it, very few of us have found ideal conditions for growth. The aim of this work is to create conditions in which each individual's potential can take root and grow.


How can I help?

You may simply feel the need to talk and share about feelings and life situations that are troubling you or seem confusing and overwhelming. You may be dealing with past trauma and abuse; anxiety or depression; lack of meaning; relationship breakdowns; or other major life challenges.

Expressive Therapies and Sandplay Therapy offer a client-centred 'process' approach that is a creative and dynamic way to deal with these issues.

You will be helped to resolve and heal the deep inner conflicts and the wounds from the past that often underlie the destructive patterns and behaviours of today; it supports us to reconnect to our essential Being and  reminds us of the truth of who we really are.

Together we can find a way through, to clarity and peace of mind.

If you are thinking about doing some counselling or personal growth work and wondering what to do next, you are welcome to call and talk to me about the issues you are dealing, so we can discuss whether this approach may be of benefit to you, prior to making an appointment.

If you'd like a more in-depth look at the frameworks and ideas that inform my work, I invite you to read some of the information provided by following the links on the left and right navigation bars - I hope you'll find much to interest you.

Freedom, grace and beauty are the natural attributes of every animal organism. Freedom is the absence of inner restraint to the flow of feeling, grace is the expression of this flow in movement, while beauty is a manifestation of the inner harmony such a flow engenders. They denote a healthy body and also, therefore, a healthy mind.

Dr Alexander Lowen