Sandtray Therapy Training Course

2022 Course begins April 8

a selection of the assortment of miniatures available for sandplay

This training course has been approved by the Aust. Counselling Assoc. for OPD

Professional Development & Personal Enrichment
for Counsellors & Therapists


2022 course: Apr 8 to May 22

The aim of this experiential training course is to give counsellors and therapists of diverse orientations, the basic skills, knowledge and experience to confidently use Sandtray Therapy with their clients.

Group limited to 8 participants

Sandtray Therapy offers clients:

  • a means of self-discovery, healing and integration
  • a way to transform or rechannel blocked energy
  • access to the creative playworld of childhood, re-awakening their creative capacities
  • a means by which children and adults, unable to articulate their feelings and experiences, can find expression and integration
  • safe entry into the deeper archetypal, mythic and transpersonal realms of the psyche
  • an activation of their natural, self-healing capacity
  • an opportunity for a creative non-rational experience, as a balance to society's over-emphasis on the ego's intellect

The 3 key areas of the training are:

  • underpinning knowledge
  • practical skills
  • personal experience of Sandtray Therapy

The training will provide participants with :

  • an outline of Jung's theory of the psyche and the process of Individuation
  • the theoretical basis of working with Sandtray Therapy and symbols as a therapeutic tool
  • the knowledge, skills, experience and practice required to effectively begin work with Sandtray Therapy
  • requirements and practical considerations for setting up a sandtray therapy space

Participants will have the opportunity to:

  • learn the history and development of Sandplay/Sandtray Therapy
  • understand the theoretical principles underpinning Sandtray Therapy and symbol work
  • explore how Sandtray Therapy can complement the therapeutic techniques already in practice
  • develop skills to introduce the Sandtray Therapy process to clients
  • develop and practice skills to facilitate the process with clients
  • experience the Sandtray Therapy process for themselves
  • consider practical ways to introduce working with Sandtray Therapy into their own work situations
  • explore the use of Sandtray Therapy as a creative approach to supervision and personal enrichment

Training Completion Certificate Issued - ACA approved for OPD

Course Structure

  • 12 training days held over 4 x three day modules
  • Lunches, morning & afternoon teas provided

Next course begins April 8 2022

Module Start date End date Duration
Module One Fri Apr 8  Sun Apr 10  3 days
Module Two Fri Apr 22 Sun Apr 24  3 days
Module Three Fri May 6  Sun May 8  3 days
Module Four Fri May 20  Sun May 22  3 days

Times: 9am - 5pm each day

Cost: $2,500 (payable upfront or deposit + 4 instalments)

Venue: The Institute of Therapies for Emotional Transformation (Turramurra, Sydney)

Textbook and training manual for the course supplied.

For further information or bookings contact Karen on (02) 9449 7121 or 0403 773 757