Supervision for counsellors/therapists

Supervision provides an opportunity for the therapist to be enriched and expanded personally and professionally. Ultimately it provides a safety net for the clients of the therapist by ensuring the therapist continually develops their professional practice in all areas and remains psychologically healthy.

I offer clinical supervision to counsellors and therapists - individual or group sessions are available. I am a trained and qualified supervisor and registered with the Australian Counselling Association. I have 30 years experience with expressive therapies, sandplay therapy and transpersonal counselling. Having been in private practice since 1990 I am also able to support supervisees with the issues that face those who are self employed.

Supervision has been defined by Armstrong (2003) as "the process whereby a therapist can discuss personal, professional, business and industry related issues with a senior, appropriately trained therapist (supervisor), with the view to resolving professionally orientated issues and with the intention of helping to further evolve in a positive manner as a therapist."

Individual sessions available by appointment

1hr appointment $135​
1.5hrs appointment $160

Group supervision

The aim of group supervision is to provide a safe and supportive atmosphere for professional enrichment. It offers the cross fertilization of ideas, continued learning and self-discovery. It is also a time to share and relax with our peers and colleagues. There are two groups available.


If you are interested in attending a sandplay therapy supervision group then please contact me - the current Wednesday evening group is now open. We meet every 2 months.

Dates for 2021
Mar 31; May 26; Jul 28; Sept 29; Nov 24
Wed evening 6.30pm - 8.30pm
Cost: $75 per evening



Group meets every 2 months; Wednesday evening 6.30pm-8.30pm
Cost: $75 per evening

Dates for 2021
Feb 24; Apr 28; Jun 30; Aug 25; Oct 27; (with an option for Dec 15)

This group is open at present - if you are interested in attending please contact me.

The group sessions are a time for professional development through the sharing of case studies, questions and topics relevant to the therory and practice of expressive therapies, sandplay, transpersonal counselling and art therapy.

Groups are limited to 6 participants so bookings are essential. Please contact me for more details (02) 9449-7121