Transpersonal Psychology

"Recognising the Body - Mind - Spirit connection"

Transpersonal Psychology encompasses more than the conventional stages of personality/ego development. It recognises the healing potential of non-ordinary states of consciousness, and includes experiences of a spiritual quality. This field acknowledges the connections between our biographical personal history, our perinatal experiences and the transpersonal realm of our psyche and explores their implications in our lives and their impact on our sense of self.

As therapists using this transpersonal model with our clients, we define our role as that of a guide on a journey, a co-adventurer and sympathetic supporter, rather than the expert who knows how to 'fix' the patient. Our ways of working and the modalities used, create a safe environment and supports unconditionally and with full trust, the spontaneous unfolding of the process. In this work, healing and resolution can often transcend rational understanding.

C. G. Jung was one of the first to use this approach. He saw his task as helping to establish a dynamic interaction between his client's conscious ego and what he called the Self. He suggested the healing comes from the collective unconscious and is guided by an inner intelligence that surpasses that of any individual therapist or therapeutic school. This attitude corresponds with the original meaning of the Greek word therapeutes: "attendant or assistant in the healing process".

Jungian Psychology 

"Individuation - The Journey to Wholeness"

In our search for self-realization, meaning and responsibility, we find Dr. Carl Jung's Map of Consciousness of value. His ideas guide our intent and work at the Institute. They run through the programs and practical methods we use to support our client's transformation.

He speaks of a process in the unconscious that has the aim of Wholeness, of connection to a Higher Principal. This process leads to a broadening of consciousness that brings a new direction and a new sense of value; we are saved from the ocean of meaninglessness.

As we bridge the gulf between the unconscious and consciousness and begin focusing on the spiritual Self, the central core of our Being is connected with the deepest parts of our Soul. Healing and growth begins. This passionate inner work is Dr. Jung's powerful gift to us all.

It leads us to sense the Great Unity underlying separateness. Inner and outer life come into harmony; fragmentation and isolation are overcome; and we live our wholeness.