Sandplay Therapy

"Supporting the Journey to Wholeness"

A basic postulate of Sandplay Therapy is that deep in the unconscious there is an autonomous tendency given the proper conditions, for the psyche to heal itself.

Estelle Weinrib 'Images of the Self-The Sandplay Therapy Process'

Sandplay Therapy provides:

  • a means of self-discovery, healing and integration
  • a transformation or redirection of blocked energy
  • access to the childhood world of imagination and play, re-awakening our own creative nature
  • a means by which children and adults, unable to articulate their feelings and experiences, can find expression and integration
  • safe entry into the deeper archetypal, mythic and transpersonal realms of the psyche
  • an activation of our natural, self-healing capacity
  • an opportunity for a creative non-rational experience, as a balance to society's overemphasis on the ego's intellect

Sandplay Therapy was developed by Carl Jung and Dora Kalff from the original work of Margaret Lowenfeld. The process involves creating scenes in a tray of sand, using realistic miniatures chosen from the therapist's collection. These miniatures cover all areas of life such as people, plants, animals, houses, transportation, creepy crawlies, crystals etc. The sand may be moistened with water so that it can be molded or shaped into whatever 'landscape' the individual wishes to create.

A sandplay in progress - Karen with a client

The use of sand and miniatures gives us a symbolic way of expressing our feelings and viewing our lives. Sandplay provides a fun, non-threatening approach to the unconscious, and a safe space in which to explore feelings and life situations that may feel overwhelming. The client may not have a particular focus in mind, however, playing with the sand, making a landscape, and adding symbols from the shelves, enables the psyche to find its own bearing, free of the ego's influence. Using the sandtray, we are able to play out our fantasies, and to externalize the inner world.

"Sandplay heals wounds that have blocked normal development. It enables the constellation and positive activation of the Self and the emergence of a stable ego capable of relating equally to the outer material and the inner spiritual worlds - to life in the here and now, and to the transpersonal dimension. At its best, sandplay therapy is a prime facilitator of the individuation process. At its least, it is an invaluable adjunctive modality." - Estelle Weinrib 'Images of the Self-The Sandplay Therapy Process'

Sandplay therapy is wonderful for children and adults!

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The sandtray and shelves full of miniatures ready for use in sandplay therapy.

Karen offers a Sandtray Therapy Training for Counsellors and Therapists.

Next course begins 9th Aug 2024

12 days of training held over 4 modules during Aug & Sept

This certificate course has been approved by the Aust. Counselling Assoc. for OPD

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