Creative Dance and Movement 

"Dancing in the Stillness" 

Workshops with Karen Daniel

The workshops facilitate greater self awareness and foster creative self expression. They help us re-establish contact with our innermost Being or Essence. They are both therapeutic and fun. As our sense of self and our range of movement are expanded so is our life vision.

Finding the movement and rhythm of the group as the dance begins

In these workshops, our primary task is to loosen the holding in the body so that we can move freely, unrestricted by stress and tension. Unexpressed feelings, energy or impulses, cause our muscles to contract; this is our body's way of holding whatever is not free to flow naturally. The result is tension and stress, creating symptoms such as awkwardness and rigidity of movement, physical pain, lack of energy and often a disconnection from what seems to be the source of our discomfort - the body!

We use strong dance and movement as well as Bioenergetics, to loosen, release and clear ourselves physically, emotionally and energetically. Having loosened the grip of the tension that binds us, we move more freely and have a greater awareness of what we are experiencing and feeling.

Freedom, grace and beauty are the natural attributes of every animal organism. Freedom is the absence of inner restraint to the flow of feeling, grace is the expression of this flow in movement, while beauty is a manifestation of the inner harmony such a flow engenders. They denote a healthy body and also, therefore, a healthy mind.

Dr Alexander Lowen

Creative expression through mandala drawing

As the holding in our body begins to shift, a sense of lightness or inner spaciousness is often experienced. In this state, energy and feeling can flow spontaneously. It is now that we connect with our innate movement - movement that is true to us, and only us. We can use the dance that unfolds from that inner place, to explore and express who we are. I call it finding our Inner Dancer, a part that is within us all, just waiting to be recognised and allowed to move!

In using movement to express ourselves, we reach a depth and authenticity of expression rarely achieved with words. We also use Art Therapy techniques and mandala drawing to help us stay with the body/feeling experience. The aim of these processes is to give our creative side a chance to grow and flourish. Too often this aspect of ourselves, which is present and vital in every human being, is neglected.

Creative movement

We play and experiment with various movement exercises to bring us closer to the Inner Dancer. We work in our own space, sometimes interacting with a partner or in small groups, other times with the group as a whole. We listen and work with lots of different music; strong and passionate dance rhythms and music to touch our hearts.

There is a natural stillness that comes after movement and exercise, so this provides a wonderful opportunity for deep relaxation. The workshop may also include times of creative visualizations or guided relaxations. This is a time where we can open to our inner wisdom and guidance, or simply allow our minds peace and our bodies rest from the busy-ness of our daily lives. Quiet times of sharing with others in the group help to relate and integrate the experiences and discoveries we have made, into our lives.

Workshops on hold at the moment


Wear loose comfortable clothing that is easy to move in
Tea/Coffee, snack provided after class.
Bookings essential, contact us for details.

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