Counselling sessions

One of the greatest gifts I can offer my clients is a safe and sacred space in which they are fully supported to express who they are and what they are feeling. This enables them to experience the depth of themselves, and to ultimately discover who they really are. It allows release, healing and transformation.


Individual counselling sessions offer a confidential space in which to deal with personal problems. The trust that develops in one-to-one work brings a sense of safety, self-acceptance, and the courage to face the truth. The depth of sharing and integration possible in working this way fosters clear understanding and a deep healing of the inner conflicts that affect us and our lives. My way of working is tailored to suit your need. It will support you in dealing with current life issues, in the healing of past hurts, and in the letting go of old ways and destructive patterns.

the counselling room - a spacious and light-filled room!

What we have not conquered in the past returns again and again, each time with slightly different faces but fundamentally always the same, until we have confronted the ancient knowledge and untied it.


As the above quote suggests there is something to learn from the problems and challenges we face in life, especially those we recreate over and over again. We can transform our pain and emptiness into understanding, personal growth, self knowledge and healing.

The nature of this work supports this process by allowing the hidden, unconscious material - underlying the presenting issues - to emerge. To do this gently, safely and naturally, longer appointment times are ideal. The standard appointment time is therefore 1.5 hours. However, depending on your individual process you may wish to do an extended appointment time of 2 hours.

Appointments available:

Tuesdays, Wednesday, Thursdays, Fridays, Saturdays

Please feel free to contact me if you would like to discuss this work further, or if you would like to make an appointment.

Short appointment - 1hr $140
Standard appointment - 1.5hrs $190
Extended appointment - 2 hrs $220

A cancellation fee may be charged if less than 24hrs notice is given

Payment can be made by cash, cheque, EFTPOS, credit/debit card and direct deposit.
​(there is a $5 discount for cash payment at time of appt)

Through the Gateway

Through the gateway of feeling your weakness lies your strength.
Through the gateway of feeling your pain lies your pleasure and joy.
Through the gateway of feeling your fear lies your security and safety.
Through the gateway of feeling your loneliness lies your capacity to have fulfillment, love and companionship.
Through the gateway of feeling your hopelessness lies true and justified hope.
Through the gateway of accepting the lacks in your childhood lies your fulfillment now.

Eva Pierrakos