Art Therapy

What is Art Therapy?

Art Therapy provides an opportunity to safely express yourself and address feelings and issues in a creative and non-intrusive way. You don't need art experience or skills to benefit. The emphasis is on exploration, expression and creativity, not on judging the end product. Art therapy is suitable for people of all ages and backgrounds. The Arts Therapist supports you in expressing what may be difficult to put into words or can better be expressed non-verbally through creative expression.

The art room is equipped with a wide variety of art materials. Initially you may want to spend time becoming familiar with art materials which are new to you and you will be helped in that process in an enjoyable and explorative way. In each session you may choose to use paints, clay, collage, textiles or drawing. You may want to write or talk. You are given the opportunity to express yourself in a way most meaningful to you.

Working collaboratively with the Arts Therapist, the process enables you to reflect on your situation, develop greater self-knowledge, understanding and shape the future.

Why Use Art Therapy?

Art Therapy can be useful when you need some extra support, want to address personal concerns or improve your well-being.

Personal issues and situations that Art Therapy can be beneficial for, include:
Stress - Anxiety - Depression - Grief & Loss - Trauma & PTSD - Illness & Pain - Somatic symptoms - Family & relationship issues - Body image & eating disorders - Career issues - Lack of confidence......

How Does Art Therapy Help?

Art Therapy can help us to understand ourselves better and to see things from a different perspective.

It can help to:
Increase ability & confidence to identify & express complex feelings
Encourage creativity as a tool to support well-being
Develop healthy coping skills
Improve self-esteem & confidence
Become clearer about issues & concerns & future options
Improve communication skills
Identify blocks to emotional expression & personal growth
Develop new models or ways of being
Develop a more integrated sense of self

Art Therapy appointments with Anne Buckingham

Anne is a professional Arts Therapist working with a wide variety of individuals and groups. She combines her training and experience in psychology, coaching and creative arts in her work as an Arts Therapist. She has a Master of Arts in Art Therapy and is a professional member of ANZATA, the Australian and New Zealand Art Therapy Association.

Anne works with children, teens and adults. She is available for appointments here on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays.

For futher information or to make an appointment, call Anne directly on 0410 031 664 or email her at

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